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 Melba Cakes

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How to Place Orders

Menu Selections and Walk Through on Ordering

Select the "SHOP" option at the top of the page and our menu will show up there. Click on what you want and after you're done, fill out the "SHIPPING" information. After you complete that, it will open up another option for you to either have it delivered or you can pick it up. That's it!!

And as a token of our appreciation for your order(s), you will receive a "Thank You" gift! Just a little something to show our gratitude!

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Seasonal Pumpkins


Fall Flavors!

As the season changes from Summer to Autumn, so will some of our flavors! We are currently developing delicious Fall flavors that you will love! From Spiced Rum Pound Cakes to Warm Maple Butter Cookies, don't miss out on these limited edition sweet treats! So, get your tummies ready and enjoy our desserts with your family and friends this holiday season!